【Event and Bicycle Class Rules】

What types of bicycles are allowed in the event?
Sport-type bicycles, such as road race bicycles, mountain bicycles, hybrid bicycles and small tire diameter bicycles (16-24 inches in diameter) are allowed in Courses A to D.
In Course E, in addition to the sport-type bicycles, city bicycles with multiple speeds and tandem bicycles can be used. Certain types of bicycles have been deemed ineligible for use during this event due to safety concerns. Please consult the 'Bicycle Class Rules' of the "Event Rules" for more details.
Are there bicycles and helmets available for rent?
For participants currently living in Japan, we strongly recommend acquiring your own equipment. For tour participants from overseas, we are working to make helmets and bicycles available for rent. Please confirm with the travel agency through which you applied.


Can I apply without using the Internet?
We are afraid that applications are only accepted online. If you are not sure how to apply, please call the Entry Center at 0570-003190.
Is it possible to register multiple participants as a group or an organization?
Registration of multiple participants is available for premium entry and general entry. Courses A to D allow pair entry. Course E allows a group entry of maximum five persons. Please refer to the information listed on the registration section of the event website.
After my Premium Entry application is confirmed, can I apply for General Entry?
Duplicate applications by one person are not allowed. When the event organizer finds a case of different types of entries or different course entries made by one person, both entries become void.
When can I find out the result of the lottery?
On June 10th, we sent the lottery results to everyone who contacted us.
Will family and friends be able to ride together in the same group?
In Courses A to D, participants will be divided into starting blocks of 250 based on their ""approximate passing time"" submitted during registration.
In Course E, participants will be divided into starting blocks of 250, based on bicycle category. Priority is given to sport bikes, followed by city and tandem bicycles, in that order. Since Courses A to D allow pair entry and Course E allows group entry of five people maximum, we will make arrangements for family and friends to start or ride together. Please take note that in that case, the pair or group will start at the slowest approximate passing time of the group members submitted during registration.


What are the hours for registration the day before the event?
Reception and registration is done at the reception area picked during the application process from 10:00 to 20:00 (Imabari) and 10:00 to 18:00 (Onomichi)
Is parking available at the time of registration (the day before the event)?
There is a parking lot (free of charge, some are unpaved) specifically-prepared for the event around the Imabari reception area (Shimanami Earthland).
There is no specific parking lot around Onomichi reception area (Onomichi city office). Please use the parking lot (paid) nearby.
Is it possible for someone else to register on my behalf?
If the person has the exchange ticket for the number card, then yes. However, the “vehicle inspection self-report form and contract sheet” must be signed by the actual participant in advance.
It is possible that one person who has the exchange card registers for some more people on their behalf.
Can I change to a different pre-event day reception desk after my registration has been submitted?
Participants are not allowed to change locations after submitting an application.


Is a shuttle bus service available?
Major transportation is written below.

Shuttle bus (bicycle transportation service available)
A shuttle bus will run from Onomichi to the starting point in Imabari in the early morning on the 30th. After the event finishes, a shuttle bus will run from the finishing point in Onomichi to Imabari, as well as from Imabari Cycle Station (starting point) to Onomichi.
Reservation is required. Please read details on the official event website and apply on the reservation page.

Charter boat (car is not allowed)
Charter boat will be operated from Kamijima-cho (Yuge-jima: Yuge port, Iwagi-jima: Iwagi port) to Imabari port. Reservation is required. Please read details on the official event website and apply on the reservation page.

Loop bus
There will be loop bus (free of charge) that connect Imabari Station, the Cycle Station, and the reception area (open the day before the event) on the 29th. There will also be free shuttles early morning on the 30th, which will serve to connect Imabari Station and the Cycle Station. For details, please refer to this page.
For courses where the starting and finishing points are in different places, how can we return to the starting point after we finish the ride?
Course B (Imabari → Onomichi (one way)) has a shuttle bus service to the starting point (advance bookings required, charges apply, includes bicycle transportation service). Bicycles will be transported by truck. Please visit this page for more information.
Please note that we ask you to make your own way from the Imabari finishing point venue to the cycle station (starting point venue) by bicycle.


Are there any parking lots near the event venue?
Designated parking lots during the event will be available at no cost.
All courses: Designated parking lot in the first area of Imabari Shintoshi. (Nigiwai Square and Fureai no Oka in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture)
Others: Designated parking lot in Mukaishima Sports Park (11098-289 Mukaishima-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken)

【Starting and Finishing Points】

What time should we be there by?
Time and venue differ depending on the course.
From A to C course, please be there by 6:30 am. For D to E course, please be there by 7:10 am. Exact times will become available on our website as well as on the information sheet that will be sent out later on. Please check them before you participate.
Is there a maintenance service available for bicycles?
Mechanics will be stationed at the starting point and major aid stations. However, we strongly recommend participants to perform or obtain sufficient maintenance work in advance. Costs for any materials and parts used by the mechanics are the responsibility of the participant.

【Riding During the Event】

How fast should I ride?
Event staff will ride alongside participants on each course, so use their speed as a reference. Courses are designed with estimated speeds of 16-32 km/h for sport bicycles and at least 8 km/h for city bicycles. Checkpoints are set up on the course, so please use these times as additional guidelines to help you finish within the time limit. On highway sections of the courses, participants should ride at approximately 20 km per hour to help ensure the resumption of normal traffic.
Are there any precautions specific to highway areas?
Certain points and sections on the highway require extra attention for riders. In addition, rules, such as riding in two lines or the prohibition of picture taking, have been made a part of the event in order to ensure that all participants can clear the highway within the time limit given by traffic regulations.
Please read the Event Rules and other instructions carefully before participating in the event. Follow the directions of event staff during the event.
Is there anything specific to watch out for when riding on regular roads?
Regular roads are used by both pedestrians and vehicles. Participants must follow all traffic regulations to ensure the safety of everyone involved, such as riding in single file on the left-hand side of the road.
Participants must read the Event Rules and other instructions in advance and obey the directions of event staff.
Can I get a tire repaired if it goes flat during the event?
Participants are responsible for fixing flat tires on their own. Anyone who is unable to repair it on their own will be placed in an event vehicle and transported to the aid station nearby and to the finishing point at the end. Participants who notice a problem with their tires are encouraged to promptly stop at an aid station to have their bike serviced by a course mechanic.

【Checkpoints and Retirement 】

Do checkpoints have a closing time?
Yes. Checkpoints are set up with a closing time on the highway, regular roads and aid stations. The finish line has a closing time as well, so plan carefully to complete the course within the time limit.
Where should I go when I wish to retire or have already retired from the event?
Participants wishing to retire must speak with the nearest event staff and follow their instructions. They will be directed to either continue to the next checkpoint or board the event vehicle. If there is no staff available, participants should contact event headquarters directly.


Will the event be held in the case of rain?
The organizer will decide to cancel or suspend the event in case of severe inclement weather, but the event will continue in the case of normal rain conditions. The organizer will cancel or suspend the event when the safety of the participants cannot be guaranteed due to events, such as earthquake, wind and flood damage, accidents, emergency situations, or outbreaks of an infectious disease.
Could the event be cancelled due to worsening weather?
Yes. The organizer may suspend or cancel the event when the safety of participants cannot be guaranteed or when it becomes impossible to carry out the event.

【Personal Belongings】

I would like to ship my bicycle to the event. Is there a place that can hold it for me?
You may deposit your bicycle at a cycle station installed at Shikoku Seino Unyu Co.、Ltd., which is close to all the courses. Also, as a partner of the event, Shikoku Seino Unyu Co.、Ltd., provides shipment service between your home and your lodging place. When ready, please go to the page here to sign up for the service.
There are free shuttles that go to the cycling station. For details, please visit this page.
Can I have my personal belongings transported to the finishing point?
We are working to secure a service in which personal belongings will be transported to the finishing points.
Detailed information will be posted on the event website.
Participants will be required to show their event number and helmet sticker when requesting return of their personal belongings.

【Other Questions】

What kind of safety measures are you taking so that participants will not be an obstacle to the functioning of normal traffic?
We inform all participants of traffic regulations to obey, such as riding in single file on the left-hand side of the road, via the "Event Rules" and "Application Guidelines".
In addition, event staff riding on bicycles and motorcycles will work efficiently to promote safety riding. Event staff, course markers, and warning signs will be positioned at important points on each courses to ensure safe riding.
Are there any substitute transportations available during the time periods in which the highways will be closed?
Ferries will run between mainland Imabari and the islands, as well as between each of the islands. Ferry schedules and fares will be announced on the event website at the end of July, and published in flyers notifying citizens of all traffic closings. In order to help keep the event running safely and smoothly, we request that drivers refrain from traveling during the time periods of traffic control. Your understanding and cooperation are be highly appreciated.
Can I fly a drone(small unmanned aircraft) in order to photograph how the event is going?
The event organizer prohibits flying drones (small unmanned aircraft) and other flying objects over the roadside of the courses and surrounding area of the event. Your understanding and cooperation are be highly appreciated. Flying drones during the event without approval or permission from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is against the amendment of the Civil Aeronautics Act.

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