Shuttle bus (bicycle transportation service is available)

Operating Date:
Sunday, October 30th, 2016 Place for storing bicycles will be at Onomichi venue on the day before 29th.
Operating Route /
Operating Hours:

□Inbound 【Each area ⇒ Imabari Cycle Station】
1. Leaving at 4:45am from Onomichi station ⇒ arrival at 6am in Imabari
2. Leaving at 5:00 am from Mukaijima Sports Park  ⇒arrival at 6am in Imabari
3. Leaving at 4:30am from Innoshima Habu-port Nagasaki Pier  ⇒ arrival at 6 am in Imabari
(※3. The route will be passing through Muiaijima sport park.)
※For the participants who takes a shuttle bus from Onomichi area, we offer a temporary parking space in Mukaijima sport park. Free of charge. Please select “Parking use” when you apply for a shuttle bus.
※You need to ride your bike to the starting points after arrival at Imabari Cycle Station.(about 2km)

□Return Path 【Finishing Area → Each Area】
1.Imabari Cycle Station → Mukojima Sports Park → Onomichi Finishing Area
※We plan to leave as soon as we reach capacity between 15:30~18:00.
※On the return path, we will not stop in front of Innoshima Habu Port Nagasaki Pier.
Standard On Board Time
   Imabari → Mukojima Sports Park About 1 hour
   Imabari → Onomichi Finishing Area About 1 hour 55 minutes

2. Onomichi ⇒ Imabari Cycle Station, Departure between12:00 to 15:30 (*subject to change * as soon as it becomes capacity.)
Time: 1hour 20 minutes

Bus stops location

One person <one way> 3.500 yen <return> 7,000 yen
Bicycle transportation is included in the fares above. There are no refunds or discounts for passengers without bicycles.
Reservation period:
12 th September (Mon.) ~ 30 th September (Fri.) (Additional recruitment)
Applications will not be accepted after the reservation period has ended and route changes cannot be made once an application has been received.
How to reserve:
Applications are only accepted on the reservation website.

Apply here

Charter boat (bicycles are allowed)

Operating Date:
Sunday, October 30th, 2016
Operating Route /
Operating Hours:
"Inbound 【Kamijima-cho, Yuge-jima⇒ Kamijima-cho, Iwagi-jima ⇒ Imabari-shi】
Depart at 4:50am from Yuge port ⇒ Depart at 5:05am from Iwagi-port ⇒ Arrive at 6:00 am at Imabari Port (subject to change)
Please come at the Charter boat Getting on and off place before 10 minutes.
Boarding location of the chartered boat
You need to ride your bike to the starting points after arrival at Imabari Port.(about 4 km)
Bicycles can be carried onboard on the chartered boat on the day of the event.
Please use a regular service for your return trip.
The URL for Kamijima town HP is
The URL for Kamijima town Cycle Free is
One person <one way only> 3,000yen
Bicycle transportation is for free.

Reservation period:
15th-July (Friday) 0:00pm to 4th August (Thursday) 23:59
Reception has been closed.Also please kindly note that route cannot be change after application due to transport arrangement.
How to reserve:
Applications are only accepted on the reservation website.

Apply here



  • Reservations are required for the shuttle bus and charter boat.
  • Bicycles are transported by truck basically. However , they will be transported by bus in case small number of passengers on the bus.
  • Inbound (Onomichi⇒ Imabari )If you take a shuttle bus bound for a starting point, your bicycle will be kept when you check in the day before. Participants need to put their bike with the front wheel removed in a cardboard box provided by the organizer. Bicycles will be transported to the shuttle bus arrival points (Imabari cycle station) beforehand. You will receive your bicycle on your arrival. Set up your bicycle yourself. For the return trip, the same procedure will be followed; you need to place your bicycle in a cardboard box again. There is delivery service for bicycles collected at Imabari cycle station to all shuttle bus stops. Riders might need to wait until the bicycles have got delivered. Thank you for your patience.
  • We do not take responsibility for any damage to your bicycle in a traffic accident, which is not caused by the organizer, during transportation.
  • You need to ride your bike from the shuttle bus arrival points to the starting points and the temporary parking lot.
  • You need to ride your bike from Imabari Port to the starting points.
  • The number of the public bus running between Imabari and Onomichi is limited, so we highly recommend you to use shuttle bus service after you got to the finish point. (Especially for course B riders)
  • After the reservation for the transportation is made, you will receive a final information in a PDF file. Please remember to print it out and to bring with you when using the transportation.
  • If you would like to cancel your reservations, please contact Cycling Shimanami Entry Center ( and inform the center your 8 digit reservation number.

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